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"hold your breath and hold on tight" he whispered.
+ mfox. funny girl.
Hey.. so I kind of made a new journal. Randomly. So I guess I'll be moving over there? Add me if you want to keep me as a friend, which I hope you do. :D I've had beatenupcamaro for over two years now, so I'm going to miss it, but I guess everyone's going to always know me as beatenupcamaro.. that's not really a username you forget. ;)
-> friends ; there for me.

(gif = rimjobs @ giflove)
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I will comment to this posts with quotes I like, and want to remember.
Feel free to comment with your own quotes if you'd like. :D

8th-Feb-2009 04:58 pm - Friends Only.
-> friends ; there for me.
we all wanna believe they still do.Collapse )

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